“Our sincerest gratitude goes to you Bjorn Harsanyi. You have gone far above and beyond for us, more than we ever expected. Words can’t truly express how thankful we are that you have been our legal representation for an incredibly complicated immigration/criminal case. When we walked into your office we felt like there was no hope, and through your expertise, your knowledge, and patience in explaining things to us, we walked out feeling that you were our best bet in facing these obstacles. The best choice we ever made was to hire you as our lawyer. Right from the start, you showed us incredible amounts of compassion, you spoke to us with honesty about our case, and helped us to understand all the fine details of such a complicated matter. Watching you fight for our case in the court room was shocking, we knew we made the right choice hiring you, but seeing you in action was the BEST! You are amazing at what you do! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for helping our family to stay together and come up with the best plan for our situation; we look forward to continuing our journey with you as our representation. Our case has been an incredibly difficult one, but the hard work you put into it, will no doubt be talked about in many cases to come as you played a key part in setting a new precedence. Our family, your current clients, and any future clients, yours and certainly other immigration cases will reflect back on this case for years to come. Bjorn you truly are the best! And we certainly know it!

To anyone considering hiring Bjorn Harsanyi to represent them. Rest assured you will be hiring a man with strong ethics, a serious dedication to his clients, a lawyer who is highly educated in immigration cases, even the most difficult ones. Bjorn always makes time for his clients! You will have a lawyer who explains the details to you, helps you understand the positive and negative aspects, and will lay out the best possible options for your situation. He will fight to the end for the best possible outcome. We have appreciated his professionalism, strong ethics and serious dedication, and we know you will too. You can’t go wrong with Bjorn in your corner! He is an amazing Lawyer!”
B & G Juarez

I been very lucky to have a lawyer like BJORN HARSANYI, for my Refugee case.

There are reasons why, first of all he encouraged me in any situation and second he prepared all necessary documents and the representation of the hearing was the best that helped us to won the process.

I would like to mention that Bjorn did well, accurately and clear organization of my documents, such as:

– All my information related clear sequence of the events,
– The significant points and the most important factors was very good detailed and to the point,
– It was no information that was missing,

Also the lawyer uses to prepare me for the hearing and gave me a wise advice.

The hearing process was the most important, where Bjorn Harsanyi made his presentation to my case; he related the following things that helped on the positive judge’s decision:

1) He provided clear and smart description of the factors and causes that were the reasons of my request for asking for refugee in Canada;
2) He argued the need to be a protected person,
3) He demonstrated the dangerous effects that can happen with me if I will be rejected,
4) He pointed the importance of my rights and my future,
5) He made relative comparisons with other cases and pointed the significance to mine,
6) And at the end he sums up everything for the acceptance of my claimant.

On the other hand, Bjorn Harsanyi had a very good attitude and a positive mind all the time, which inspired and encouraged me. He used to say: “It does not matter how is going your day or how many problems do you have AT THE END OF THE DAY EVERYTHING WILL BE ALLRIGHT!!!!!!

All my deep gratitude and thank you so much for HIS work, Bjorn Harsansyi gave me a hope for a better future and the good start for a new life in Canada.
Natalia Popescu

We were lucky to be assigned to Bjorn to handle our complicated case before the IRB. Having so many bad experiences from lawyers in Toronto who just want cash and nothing to do with the case – Bjorn proved that their are still lawyers who keep their practice professional and ethical. Best thing about dealing with Bjorn is he never lets his clients down, always calls back and give ample time to discuss the issues and find solutions legally. We would blindly recommend him for any immigration / refugee issues, his experience and his professionalism represent him as a complete package – Bjorn you are the Best lawyer in Calgary and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for saving our family.

A part from above, Bjorn thank you so much for supporting us even when my sister was not stable because at that time I know no one would have helped us to this extent. I know mere thanks is not enough to show our gratitude. and hope that my sister becomes well soon so she can also write about you.

Nevertheless, do stay in touch – as I will.

When I first sought for an immigration lawyer to represent my wife’s PR case, Raj Sharma stood out among other lawyers as he was honest, unbiased and genuinely interested in helping us rather than treating it as another grab for money. His past experience as an immigration officer gave us comfort as it allowed us to be well prepared and feel confident during our PR interview. I would recommend Raj Sharma to anyone.

Vic and Jega

Raj handled my case with clinical precision and in a professional manner. He had the patience to go through all the required information and prepared my application with utmost precision taking into account every possible question that could arise. The end result, my application went through with not even a single question asked! Hats off to you Raj, you are a thorough professional in every aspect of your practice. I sincerely appreciate your determination and dedication to your profession.

Pradeep, Calgary, Alberta

Raj helped me obtain an TN Work Permit and a LMO/Work Permit as a Veterinary Technologist. He was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. I felt that I could contact him with any questions I had and could depend on a prompt and thorough answer. It was a positive experience and I would recommend his service.

Justin, Lawrence, Kansas USA

I will say that ours was a very difficult and unique case. A case that took well over 3 years (the delay had nothing to do with Raj, but the incompetence and MANY errors of Canadian immigration). Raj never made promises, but he was 100% correct on everything he said. He basically knew what was going to happen before it ever happened. Knowledgeable, patient (with my constant questions), available (answered my questions via Skype on Saturday night from his home), encouraging (although I lost faith many times, Raj always reassured me), understanding, honest, … the list goes on and on. Raj’s fees were VERY fair and reasonable, and there were never any “hidden costs.” Choosing a good attorney can be very difficult. I was told by several attorneys that my wife and I had no chance of going to Canada. They were all wrong! I was so fortunate to find Raj Sharma. He is a winner! He is the best! Thank you Raj!

Derek & Ketty

Mr.Raj Sharma ,first of all I would like to say again “Thank you so much for everything you have done for us” .I can’t describe how happy I am to have chosen Raj Sharma . I remember the time when I asked Raj Sharma to help us with our spousal sponsorship appeal after we received the refusal letter for my husband to come to Canada.Mr. Raj Sharma has encouraged me with his professional knowledge about all immigration issues,great experience,honesty and compassion. Mr.Raj Sharma is a most talented lawyer who knows exactly how to deal with any immigration issue.He is very upfront.Raj Sharma prepared us both, my husband and me,very well for our hearing with questions and issues that could arise and last week we WON our case.Without Mr.Raj Sharma and all his hard work he put into our professional preparation we wouldn’t had been able to be successful.I strongly recommend Mr.Raj Sharma to anyone who needs help in any Immigration case. Mr.Raj Sharma is the BEST under all STARS!!

Thanks Raj

Bjorn is definitely one of the best immigration lawyers there is! He helped my father secure his permanent residency (even with our very, very dire and difficult situation). He and his team is always on the phone, always willing to answer your questions. They are very knowledgeable about every aspect of immigration, especially if you’re looking to get permanent residency. Before our friends referred us to Bjorn, we have tried many other lawyers but they could not do the job. Only Bjorn and is team can do the job!! I would highly recommend him.

From Saeid Shir. I am very happy with the service provided by Bjorne Harsanyi .he is one of the best lawyer ever I saw.he fallow my case closely. Also thank’s to Annabel Bjorne assistant she managed my file very good.

I am very happy to say that Mr. Bjorn Harsanyi is one of the best and great lawyer, he done our immigration case in a very short time with a great success. i can strongly recommend that Mr. Bjorn is a very hard working professional. He thoroughly analyzed our case. He is very good at communication and replies you within a reasonable time frame. We are happy with his services.

I’m very happy with his services , he worked very diligently in my case , he is always very quick to reply to any of my questions, very friendly and professional, his communication and knowledge made it so easy to work with him, I would highly recommend him.

We are so thankful to Mr. Faras Bawa and his associates to handle our family case. He is a very hardworking professional and in just a span of few weeks, he presented our case to the court and case and got a positive decision from the judge. He is tough and well experienced and yet very careful in handling cases like ours. He is so knowledgeable and always prepare everything before the presentation. I strongly recommend Mr. Faras Bawa as one of the best lawyers in the city for his excellent work. Thank you so much for all your help Atty. Faras Bawa.

Mr. Bawa is an exceptional earnest and professional lawyer. He is very kind, dedicated, patient, detailed and diligently. He has helped me in winning an immigration case without even doing the hearing. That is because his excellent fully preparations work before hearing. I extremely recommend Faraz Bawa! Thank you very much for your wonderful help, Mr. Bawa!

Faraz Bawa is an excellent immigration attorney at Stwerart Sharma Harshyani law firm. We did 4 cases through him and all were great success. He is very patient, extremely helpful and knowledgeable about everything he does. I recommend him 100% to anyone who is looking for an excellent lawyer.

My experience with faraz bawa is exceptional; his understanding; knowledge, patience;is remarkable;his help regarding my case was outstanding so I am 100% satsfied and recomand him for anyone who want legal advice and help.

Faraz Bawa is a very organized lawyer who is able to get your case resolved in a timely manner. He has strong communication skills which helps you in terms of ensuring how your case is progressing. I would recommend Faraz to my friends and family. He was a pleasure to work with!

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