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We are immigration, family and criminal defense lawyers.

We have extensive experience in immigration litigation, including refugee hearings and appeals; detention reviews and admissibility hearings; sponsorship appeals (including marriage refusals and medical inadmissibility appeals); and are often before the Federal Court of Canada, and seeking judicial review or the remedy of mandamus. We have extensive experience in assisting on immigration applications, including sponsorship, applications for permanent residence (Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker, and Provincial Nominee Programs). We have filed hundreds of applications under s.25 of the IRPA (“Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications”) and “PRRA” Pre-Removal Risk Assessments.

We handle divorce, child custody and spousal support and all contested or uncontested family law issues. We can handle criminal charges, from assault to driving offenses. We handle trials and appeals.

  • Immigration Hearings and Appeals

    The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act came into force in 2002 and replaced the Immigration Act which was the legislation governing immigration to Canada since 1978.

  • Sponsor Your Family

    Canadian immigration laws allow the local citizen or permanent resident of the country, the spouse sponsorship, for his/ her spouse or common-law partner in Canada.

  • Family and Divorce Law

    Family law is unfortunately characterized by acrimony. Divorce and the ending of a relationship is painful and the lawyers at Stewart Sharma Harsanyi, experienced family lawyers in Calgary.

  • Record Suspension

    A criminal record can have severe adverse consequences on parts of your life such as your employment prospects and your ability to volunteer with vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly.

  • Family Class and MNI

    IRCC has announced the new family class based on a lottery system with the sponsor expressing their interest during a window. To sponsor, you will need to establish that you are eligible to sponsor.

  • Financial Inadmissibility

    There are often roadblocks in coming to Canada or bringing your family members to Canada. Foreign nationals can be denied admission into Canada pursuant to s.39 of the Act.

  • The Immigration Appeal Division

    Who can appeal to the IAD (subject to 64 and 65)? Permanent Residents (against Removal Orders and negative residency determinations). Sponsors (Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents).

  • Misrepresentation

    Misrepresentation is broadly worded in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and is broadly interpreted. The objective of this section is to deter and to maintain the integrity of Canada’s immigration…

  • Consequences of Criminality

    Canada’s criminal justice and immigration systems are inextricably bound together. Moreover, the strong enforcement provisions within the IRPA allow for the refusal of entry or banishment and exile…

  • Federal Court

    The lawyers at SSH Law have extensive experience in challenging refusals by immigration officers -both inside and outside Canada. If your immigration application has been refused you may have the ability…

  • Immigrate to Canada

    We understand the needs and concerns of prospective immigrants to this country. There are a myriad ways to immigrate to Canada, but the process is increasingly driven by economic factors.

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