Options for Farm and Agricultural Workers

The Agri-Food Immigration Class pilot is starting in early 2020.

Focus on attracting butchers, food processing labourers, harvesters for mushrooms ad greenhouse crops, farm workers for mushrooms, greenhouse crops, livestock raising, and livestock workers.

Max number of applications to be processed under this class is 2,750.


  • During the 3 years preceding their PR application, need 12 months full-time, non-seasonal Canadian work experience in TFWP, in an occupation in processing meat products, raising livestock, growing mushrooms or greenhouse crops
  • Lvl 4 in English/French
  • High school education or greater
  • Indeterminate, full-time job offer for work in Canada (must be outside of Quebec)

2-year LMIA for meat processor employers who support foreign workers to get PR. Must outline plans of support in obtaining PR.