Afghan Resettlement Options



To help address the growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the Government of Canada has announced two special immigration programs to help resettle Afghans to Canada.


You may be eligible for one of two special programs:

  1. Immigration program for Afghan nationals, and their families, who assisted the Government of Canada
  2. Humanitarian program focused on resettling Afghan nationals who are outside of Afghanistan and who do not have a durable solution in a third country, which will include people such as:
  • women leaders
  • human rights advocates
  • LGBTI individuals
  • journalists and people who assisted Canadian journalists
  • immediate family members of one of the above
  • extended family members of previously resettled interpreters who assisted the Government of Canada

Note: the full program requirements have not yet been released by immigration Canada. We are closely monitoring updates to both of the programs as they become available.


Contact Qimat Zafar via email or telephone (587) 700-7461 to learn more.