Parents and Grandparents Family Class reopening for 2020!

There’s some good news for families looking to reunite in Canada.
The parents/grandparents family class is reopening. Sponsors have a three week window, starting October 13, 2020 to indicate their interest in sponsoring parents/grandparents to Canada.
10,000 applications will be drawn this year; 30,000 next year …
There are clear instructions as to how the process will work. The Ministerial Instructions pertaining to the re-opening can be found here.
I wish this positive development was combined with a change to the definition of a dependant child. Given the demographic challenges that we will face, no reason not to simply increase the age of accompanying dependents to 25 or even more.
There’s still no income verification up front; removal of duplicates (but more kids with income still equal more chances); upload one status document only; it’s important to maintain appeal rights (tick the right box!); note that EIA benefits count towards income calculation; if selected will be removed from 2021 draw…
We are looking forward to assisting our clients; call us or email us for more information.