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Gen Zha

Gen is a lawyer practicing in all areas of immigration, refugee and citizenship law.

She was born in China and immigrated to Canada with her parents at a young age. She speaks Mandarin fluently.

She lived in Saskatoon for a number of years and completed her law degree from the University of Saskatchewan with distinction.

Gen articled with Calgary Legal Guidance, a public interest law clinic dedicated to improving access to justice and providing legal representation to marginalized communities. During her articles, she primarily practiced immigration and refugee law and assisted numerous individuals in regularizing their status in Canada. Her experience at CLG has provided her with valuable advocacy experience and an understanding of the unique challenges her clients face.

Gen has made several appearances in various levels of court and is committed in tailoring efficient and practical solutions for her clients.

Gen is a volunteer with Calgary Legal Guidance and the Calgary Chinese Community Service Association. She is able to assist clients in Mandarin.

查律师是加拿大专业律师,从事移民,  难民和公民身份等领域的法律业务,帮助客户获得加拿大不同类型签证和加拿大合法身份,以及相关法律申诉和辩护。


加入SSH律师事务所之前,  查律师曾在卡尔加里法律指导中心 (Calgary Legal Guidance) 见习,这是一家面向和促近公众利益的公共法律机构,致力于为个人及边缘社区提供司法公正服务。查律师一贯致力于为客户量身定做高效实用的解决方案,多次在不同级别的法庭上为客户出庭辩护。

查律师是 Calgary Legal Guidance和卡城华人社区服务中心的志愿者。查律师可用英语和汉语为客户提供法律咨询和程序服务。

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